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Tami Hennessy

Mother of unicorns, artist, writer, and weirdo. Tami was born, raised, and lives in Spokane, WA, with her husband and son, where she continues gaining inspiration writing and creating art. From a very young age, she used art and writing as a way to escape from the world and channel her emotions. She strives to translate the images and words that form in her head or emotions that need to be let out with different mediums. She lovingly refers to her mind as HB Sanitarium; a place where all her dark thoughts, images, twisted up feelings, and characters run wild, fueling her creativity.


Tami is a self-published author of the book, Dashboard Jesus Confessionals. Currently she is working on an art centered around her mental health and living with Functional Neurological Disorder. She also has a podcast with her husband, local horror filmmaker Jesse James Hennessy, Bloody Married. Where they talk about all things horror while drinking a bloody Mary. Tami enjoys the finer things in life like horror movies and tacos. Helping on one of her husband’s filmset with their son, is one of her favorite things.

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